By Connected Technology Solutions

August 6, 2019

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A Letter to My CTS Family

Another CTS Team Week has come and gone, and this one was particularly meaningful given a trying last year. This summer’s theme: MISSION i’mPOSSIBLE… where the focus was us! We pressed pause on our daily tasks and put one another first (someone had to come in last at the rally though!). And what a week it was.

Team Week takes a lot of planning. And a lot of coordinating. And a lot of hands-on deck. As part of the planning committee, I get to see the week through from the ground up. And it’s always amazing just how that really brings everyone together (friendly CTS Pentathalon competition aside).

This was my third CTS Team Week, and I realized that there are a few things that remain equally enjoyable:

The people.
What do you get when you put a room full of really smart people during an innovation lab? A conveyor belt system, an e-commerce concept, re-boarding program, and a CRM / helpdesk ticketing integration. Oh, and a few laughs.

The energy.
Things are busy during the week. But the kind of busy that’s fun because catching up with coworkers who are a family isn’t the kind of busy you’d want to miss out on. If you don’t start your week following Team Week with the most motivation you’ve had all year, you’re doing it wrong.

The team work.
Two words – bucket ball. Okay, this might sound crazy, but have you ever worked more cohesively to get something done than what your team did at the bucket ball game? Using strings tied to a bucket to pick up a tennis ball is harder than it seems… yet everyone did [most of] it!

The mission.
Each Team Week we start with one question (maybe two) – how can we make this better than the last and continue to deliver a fun experience that makes you feel like you belong.

But what I left with was a bigger appreciation for the person next to me, our team as a whole, and the company that’s got the smarts to focus on building a sustainable corporate culture. Here’s to a stronger, more connected team, willing to accept the most challenging mission.