By Connected Technology Solutions

September 25, 2019

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A Very Groovy Launch

Epic celebrated 40 years of innovation and healthcare. With their steadfast innovation and foresight, electronic medical records and patient’s accessibility to their data have changed the healthcare landscape for the better. Epic’s Users Group Meeting (UGM) has historically been a meeting of the minds where top healthcare professionals come to discover industry trends and developments.

In our years of exhibiting at Epic’s UGM, CTS Healthcare has rallied behind their theme. This year, Summer of ‘79 set a tone for groovy developments, of which we were happy to get on board.

In an exclusive release, the V3 kiosk was revealed in all its glory. With 90 degrees of rotation, smart privacy panels and an auto present HD, portrait-oriented monitor, the new kiosk attracted an impressive crowd. Of the people that interacted with the kiosk and participated in a short survey:

100% of people had a positive first reaction to the unit
94% of people found the kiosk to be “very innovative”
71% of people think the kiosk would make their jobs easier

But that wasn’t it! Our team showcased a highly anticipated development for The BA tablet kiosk. This unit now uses CleanTouch™ antimicrobial UV-C light, which kills 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and microbes. Never before used on tablet kiosks, this tablet innovation is a great development for those healthcare clients which need budget-friendly tablets that stay clean!

As the top provider of healthcare kiosks to Epic users, we look forward to joining forces and bringing accessibility, ROI-focused solutions and more cool stuff to market. We’re not only thinking outside the box, we’re ditching the box entirely.

Until next year!