CTS Charging Station

The CTS Charging Station allows your healthcare organization to provide a needed and meaningful service to your patients as well as their waiting family members. With the ability to charge all major types of portable devices you can present branding, run media content while increasing patient satisfaction. The charging station incorporates a sophisticated process of vinyl layering providing nearly an infinite choice of customized imagery allowing the enclosure to be integrated seamlessly into existing decor.

Base Features

  • Robust Public Use Enclosure
  • 42” Touchscreen
  • Black Tip Resistant Base
  • Standard Included 1-Year Warranty

Branding Options

  • Cabinet Color Choices
  • Custom Graphics

Service Options

  • Encryption and Integration Services
  • On-Site Imaging, Integration and Set Up
  • Imaging, Setup Technical Support
  • Remove and Replace Warranty
  • Annual Hardware Support
  • On-Site Training
  • White Glove Delivery

Optional Features

  • Solid State USFF CPU (Win7 or Win10)
  • Removable Bay Inserts
  • Self Closing Doors
  • Digital Door Locks with Keypad
  • Solenoid Door Locks
  • Micro USB, Lightning, and USB Type C
  • Padded Mats
  • Window to View Phone