Drive-Thru Kiosks at Sheetz

Since 2017, Mighty Touch collaborated with Sheetz to implement over 160 kiosks at 80 locations. These self-service kiosks allow drive through customers to place their orders for fresh food at each convenience store. Mighty Touch ensures each kiosk is well equipped for the outdoors ensuring proper internal heating, gaskets, durable touchscreens and appropriate paint for all weather conditions.


The goal of the project was a complete technology refresh at all retail locations. Mighty Touch worked with Sheetz to update and replace all kiosks used in the field and plans to grow with Sheetz as the business opens up more drive through locations.

Fresh Food. Made to Order.

Customizable Kiosk Solutions

With Mighty Touch, kiosk options are almost limitless. Work with our talented team of engineers and technical professional to define project requirements and design direction.