By Connected Technology Solutions

April 8, 2020

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How to Clean a Kiosk

Maintaining clean touch points is important for high traffic environments to consider in order to decrease the spread of disease. Touchpoints including hospital check-in kiosks, visitor management stations, charging stations and digital signage kiosks are particularly important to focus on. 

The entire enclosure and surrounding equipment is prone to be breeding grounds for germs. There are many hands that touch various sections of the kiosk, so how exactly should you be cleaning the kiosk?

Be aware of the different areas to disinfect. 

The touchscreen for example, sees the most touch traffic so is the most important to keep it clean. The equipment, including the credit card reader, barcode scanner and printers (if you have them) are breeding grounds for bacteria that should not be forgotten. Forgetting to disinfect these pieces of equipment will jeopardize the cleanliness of a disinfected screen.

Clean your screen with UV-C light or antimicrobial wipes. 

There are many benefits of using UV-C light to disinfect kiosk screens and surrounding equipment. If that is not an option for your kiosk, disinfecting wipes make a good second choice. Using a microfiber cloth on the touch screen can help get rid of streaking left behind. 

Do not use any spray that could ruin the screen.

Any solution with more than 70% Isopropyl alcohol, or containing caustic materials could damage your kiosk and/or its equipment. Remember when cleaning not to saturate surfaces with liquid cleaners or splash door seams or vents in a way that might allow liquid inside the kiosk as this could damage the equipment housed inside.

Clean your screen with a solution or wipes that have been specially formulated for use on touchscreens. You can use antimicrobial wipes that are specified safe for touch technologies. The touchscreen on your kiosk should be cleaned regularly.

Wash your hands.

To ensure you’re not passing pathogens to the kiosk, be sure to wash your hands before and after disinfecting the kiosk. Disinfecting wipes that can be used on the screen also can be used on your hands. 

If you’re using a CTS kiosk, don’t worry. 

Your kiosk enclosure is made from durable, powder-coated steel that is designed to release dirt easily and withstand most cleaning solutions. The process printed vinyl graphic on the front of your kiosk (if applicable) is covered with a durable plastic laminate that will stand up to most cleaners.

CTS specific solutions might help.

Here is our line-up of offerings that you could use:

CTS Premium Technology Cleaning Wipes

CTS CleanTouch UV-C technology

CTS Wipe Station to provide wipes, tissues, masks and/or gloves and disposal

Kiosks are made to be inviting and user friendly. That said, their entire look was designed to be touched. Users touch the screen, they touch a keypad for payment, they grab documents from the printer. Service technicians open the door of the kiosk and maintenance staff may even move the kiosk from one location to another. Patients, visitors, staff and partners all deserve to be safe. 

Disinfect your kiosks – it’s the right thing to do.