By Caleb Sandvold

September 6, 2022

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Mighty Touch teamed up with BCycle

In 2017, Mighty Touch teamed up with BCycle, a Waterloo, Wisconsin-based public bicycle-sharing company owned by Trek Bicycle, to develop an all-in-one bike dock allowing users to check out a bike simply by using an app or membership card. With previous systems, including the 1.0 and 2.0 Docks, users were required to walk to a kiosk to pay for and unlock bikes.

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Our new product – the 3.0 Dock, is designed to eliminate the need for higher-cost, kiosk-based systems, allowing for easier installation, serviceability, and relocation.

This allows BCycle clients to deploy at lower costs which is essential because there is rarely enough funding for bicycle-sharing systems. The more cost-effective bicycle-sharing systems can be, the larger the footprint of bicycle-sharing programs. In addition to these lower costs, these docks are built to endure harsh outdoor elements and repeated high usage.