By Ali Abdel

May 17, 2019

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The 5 P’s (and a K)

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor (Kiosk) Performance

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When purchasing a kiosk, it’s important to understand that every kiosk program’s success depends upon the correct preparation and set-up steps. Improper kiosk set-up with the wrong base image parameters can lead to poor user experiences with the hardware. Stories of poor user experiences may decrease kiosk utilization metrics, which is avoidable.

The success of self-service kiosk programs depends on many factors, and base image parameters are one of them. Follow the eight tips in this blog post to help get the best possible kiosk experience:

1. Reset your password. As soon as your kiosks are delivered, it is essential to access the administrative settings to change the password for security purposes and to prevent lockout after joining your domain
2. Download all drivers for kiosk peripherals. Access your CTS-hosted network-attached storage device using the provided credentials.
3. Install each piece of hardware. Follow the installation walkthroughs and guides as provided.
4. Complete a functional hardware test. Ensure every piece of hardware is responsive and works within their test app.
5. Install any additional software modules. Healthcare organizations will likely need to install their EMR software at this point.

Once these steps are complete, the kiosk’s base image is ready for image replication to eliminate duplication of efforts. Repeat the steps above with as many PCs as necessary to run your kiosk program, then follow the remaining steps:

6. Add the PC to your domain and apply user access controls to prevent unauthorized access.
7. Log into the new GPO account and retest hardware with the limited access account.
8. Run and test software.

CTS offers a program to assist clients with properly imaging their kiosks, including software set-up, security recommendations, and staff training. If you have questions about this CTS Launch Readiness Program or would like more information on overall kiosk maintenance, please reach out to our team.