By Ali Abdel

January 6, 2020

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Trendspotting: Self-Service in 2020

You don’t have to be a kiosk expert to notice just how commonplace kiosks are these days.

Ten years ago they were relegated to the grocery store and airport. Now you can’t leave your house without seeing one. Whether it be the movies, eating out, locker pickup at the 711 or even checking in for your doctors visit – kiosks are everywhere.

I expect to see this expansion continue as smaller companies start to recognize the financial benefits kiosk automation provides.

Trend #1: Smaller/sleeker form factors
One of the biggest trends over the past couple of years has been the desire for smaller/ sleeker kiosk designs. The prevalence and expansion of kiosk programs and more importantly, specialization of kiosks, has necessitated that kiosk companies offer smaller sizes to accommodate a wide variety of physical spaces and budgets.

However, don’t confuse this with a complete shift to smaller kiosks. As the industry continues to grow and specialize I expect to see a wide variety of types of kiosks, from the large for applications such as parking or ticketing to smaller for food ordering.

Trend #2: More security
As a consequence of this growth, I’m already seeing a heightened focus on the security of the kiosk. From the actual physical security of the device as well as security of the software and or data being transmitted.

Trend #3: Focus on cleanliness
considering the press coverage from the last few months revealing a large amount of bacteria on the the McDonald’s kiosk touchscreens, people now have an increased awareness of screen disinfecting and cleanliness.

We’ve already seen developments in kiosk touchscreen sanitation solutions and this trend will definitely continue to grow. Consumers are demanding organizations operate ethically, with their data safety and overall health in mind.

That’s why I predict these trends will guide the self service industry in 2020.