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Since 2002, Connected Technology Solutions has been an industry leader in the design, manufacturing and implementation of self-service solutions, including point of purchase kiosks, digital signage, interactive displays and retail fixtures. With collaborative product design and an exceptional user experience, we help our clients help their customers to help themselves.


Founded in 2002, Connected Technology Solutions has been dedicated to developing and deploying interactive kiosks since day one.

From our humble beginnings as a handful of employees operating out of office space lent to founder Sandy Nix by a friend, we have since grown to include two facilities in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin and satellite offices in Tampa, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago, Dallas and Denver. Over that time, CTS and its subsidiaries, CTS Healthcare Services and Mighty Touch, have become synonymous with value-adding kiosk solutions across all industries – including large scale rollouts for Burger King, Kroger, and Sears. Our products are responsible for more than 250 million patient check-ins and leads in the retail space with over 100,000 units deployed.

CTS Healthcare Services

As CTS grew, curated product offerings and cultivated relationships helped us find a niche within the healthcare community. By 2005, CTS Healthcare Services was founded to meet the needs of this very specific market. Focusing on compliance, scalability and security, we quickly became the largest and most trusted name in patient check-in kiosks. To date, we have collaborated on patient self-service solutions in more than 300 healthcare systems across North America and Europe.

Mighty Touch

For all intents and purposes, Mighty Touch was a return to our roots. Rather than focus on a specific industry, our products represent a marriage of premium quality interactive technology and brand-centric customization capabilities. With unparalleled experience in development, implementation, and support, the Mighty Touch team collaborates with clients to create self-service solutions that are on brand, look great, and offer an exceptional user experience.


We believe self-service technology requires a human touch. Without it, a kiosk is just a big, expensive paperweight, right?

At every touchpoint and in every interaction, we put our humanity into our technology. While our reach is global with deployments across North America, Europe, the Middle East and China, our mission is universal: to deliver meaningful connections, intuitive experiences, and innovative solutions without the BS – no shortcuts, no flashy salesmanship, and no “good enough” attitude.


You don’t build partnerships with products, you build them with people.

When you work with CTS, you join a group of people who are completely in love with what they do. People who live to defy expectation and convention, strive to redefine what’s possible, and are in constant pursuit of awesomeness.

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PatientPassport_Express_Patient_Check-In_Kiosk.mov Healthcare Patient Check-In Kiosk and the Patient Passport Express. 100% ADA. Visit http://www.connectedts.com. For more information contact sales at connectedts.com