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Hey, we get it. Choosing a custom kiosk manufacturer is not an easy decision. After all, you’re not buying computers in boxes or iPads on stands. You can get those just about anywhere. You’re here because you need something more. Much more.

You’ll find what you need here.

Our Story

Connected Technology Solutions (CTS), born in 2002, is the original dedicated kiosk company. We own this space.

While we have many competitors, none started with the vision, mission, and passion of exclusively building customized kiosks — specifically, the very best self-service kiosks, backed by the best-possible customer experience in the digital signage industry. We’d like to say we’ve arrived, but we haven’t, because ours is a journey of challenging the status quo that we hope never ends.


At CTS, we continuously challenge ourselves to outthink, outwit, and outsmart ourselves every day so that we can continue to outserve and outplease our clients. It’s part of our DNA. In other words, we are never satisfied.

How and Why We are Able to Build the Best Damn Kiosks

It’s because of our culture. When we gave birth to CTS, we knew that strong value propositions pushed to market with a robust marketing effort wouldn’t be enough to earn the lead position in the custom kiosk industry.


We knew we needed to think, act, behave, and believe differently than all other manufacturers — not just kiosk manufacturers — if we were going to climb to the top of our industry and stay there. In other words, we knew we would need to disrupt and challenge the status quo. Often.


At CTS, every day, we choose to:

Create a sustainable community of respect and serve at the pleasure of our clients.

Do great work and build great products.

Have fun and be awesome.

Build the best damn kiosks, period.

Our White-Glove Delivery Service

Your kiosks will be delivered to your designated location in a CTS fleet vehicle, driven by a CTS driver wearing a CTS uniform.


Your kiosks remain under our care, custody, and control for the duration of their shipment. All packaging will be carefully removed and disposed of as expected upon delivery and desired placement. The CTS delivery team will also clean your kiosks and perform basic hardware diagnostics to ensure that all units function properly.

Over-the-Top Amazing Service and Support

Our competitors don’t match the level of service and support we provide. It’s not because they can’t. They won’t. It’s not their priority.


CTS does not, and never will, outsource support because we understand that being there for our clients is the most meaningful part of our partnership. So, why on earth would we hand our relationships over to a third party? (Well, our competitors do.)


Your support team is CTS employees who understand our kiosks because they were involved in their design and manufacture. So it makes sense that they can help clients troubleshoot equipment issues better than anyone.

We're Leaders in the Kiosk Industry. We Can Prove It.

CTS healthcare kiosks have been successfully deployed nationwide in hundreds of healthcare systems, hospitals, and clinics, with more than 200 million patient check-ins and counting.

CTS has been deploying healthcare kiosks for Epic Welcome for more than 16 years.

Almost all Epic Welcome deployments are CTS healthcare kiosks.

CTS was the first to offer ADA healthcare kiosk code compliance.

CTS was the first to offer UVC disinfection for healthcare kiosks.

Ours is the only UVC system proven-effective based on two years of R&D and 7+ years of real-world deployment experience.

Tens of thousands of Mighty Touch custom kiosks have been deployed across a wide range of market sectors — retail, quick service restaurant (QSR), and visitor management; deployed in four continents; and with ruggedized models that stand up to harsh environments — including public-facing and outdoor environments with a wide range of peripherals from cash and electronic payments acceptance to biometric identification.

We have a 99.9999% uptime warranty across all products — customized kiosks and digital signage, interactive displays, and retail fixtures.