By Connected Technology Solutions

January 30, 2019

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Bacteria-Killer Disinfecting Technology for Kiosks

In the wake of recent sanitation issues related to McDonald’s self-service kiosks, businesses will be forced to address concerns through internally implemented solutions in order to reduce spread of bacteria and infection transmission on kiosks. The McDonald’s bacteria study is one of many that show how likely it is that touch screens become breeding grounds for bacteria, but since regulations are unlikely to be set forth for managing this risk, one kiosk manufacturer is accepting some responsibility.

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Connected Technology Solutions (CTS) is helping to increase kiosk user confidence and position businesses that offer self-service kiosks in a positive light. CTS CleanTouch™ technology is an award-winning solution that provides the means for businesses to address the sanitation concerns of their users.

Sandy Nix, President & CEO of CTS, claims “CTS has been providing self-disinfecting, touch-kiosk technology to our healthcare clients for two years in answer to their infection control needs. Now with hundreds of these ‘germ killer’ kiosks deployed in hospitals and new tablet solutions as well, it has become clear that other industries would benefit from this CTS technology – especially in food service, retail or really any public location.”

CTS CleanTouch™ uses UV-C technology, a germicidal light that deactivates the DNA of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, destroying the ability to multiply and cause disease without the use of any chemicals or residue left behind. CTS CleanTouch™ kiosks automatically bathe the touchscreen in disinfecting light, killing dangerous organisms in just seconds after every use.

Partners and users predict the proprietary technology to become a standard for the kiosk industry. Nix confirms, “Offering a touch surface that cleans itself after every use and is germ, virus and bacteria free is a great advancement and has been extremely well received by our clients and by the public.”

About Connected Technology Solutions: Connected Technology Solutions (CTS) is the thought leader in branded user experiences, including point-of-purchase kiosks, digital signage, interactive displays, and retail fixtures, with an extensive roster of clients in the healthcare, retail, hospitality, transportation industries and more. Recognized for its outstanding creative talent and innovative engineering, the Wisconsin-based company has won numerous prestigious awards for its customized software and hardware design, implementation, and customer service and support since its founding in 2002. CTS is the parent company of CTS Healthcare Services and Mighty Touch. For more information, visit