Temperature Reader Kiosk

Create a safe environment for your visitors with this temperature reading kiosk. The CTS kiosk’s sleek design provides an inviting, quick and accurate way to get a touchless temporal thermometer temperature reading. This kiosk offers clear visual cues – kiosk glows red or green – so users can easily see if their temperature is within range. Each kiosk includes A quick symptom checker survey software package is also available. Both software and the kiosk enclosure can be customized with your organization’s unique branding and logos. Plus only CTS kiosks also offer optional automatic UV-C self-disinfection after every transaction for health and safety.

Available in both The BA and The Table Top kiosk models!

How It Works

1. Guest approaches the kiosk and is presented with a welcome screen.
2. Guest completes a short symptom questionnaire, then receives temperature confirmation and symptom identifier.
3. If the temperature measured is within range, and the questions are answered within scope, then a solid green light goes on and ends the session.
4. If the temperature measured is over threshold, or of questions are answered out of acceptable scope, then solid red light goes on and session must be reset by attendant (or can be set to automatic restart after prescribed time).

Base Features

• Durable, public use white kiosk enclosure
• Clear acrylic trim changes color to signal stop or go
• iPad, professional grade equipment and software included