Empowering Patients at Ochsner

“The kiosks have provided great improvement on our access to care for our clinic areas. It is not only the financial gain, but the overall coordination and patient satisfaction that is difficult to place value on. The kiosks allow for us to minimize the circus staffing commotion for early opening days, for the lunch breaks, for the bottle necking, for when a registrar is delayed with a financial counseling event, and for the stretched staffing with employee absences. Our self-service kiosks allow for the business to continue and for limited obstruction to our arriving patients. My personal benefit is that the kiosks have been a great staffing supplement, to handle operational growth, and the structure itself is readily understandable for all generations to utilize.”

Tonya Powell, CHAM, Ochsner Patient Access Director/Hospitals and Clinics, Northshore/St. Bernard Region

Patient Passport Express® (PPE)

The Patient Passport Express® (PPE) comes in both full size and desktop versions. Since both units offer full functionality, choosing a kiosk based on existing space will guide your decision.