By Connected Technology Solutions

September 11, 2018

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Why is Made in America Important?

Some kiosk companies out there have U.S. operations and even do some production here, but also import enclosures made overseas – both their kiosk and tablet enclosures. Some just have an office in the U.S. and build everything overseas. This is bad for customers and bad for the U.S. economy. Made in America isn’t just a sticker.

Which is why they make it hard to see they do this on their websites. One major kiosk company even dedicates a whole page to “Buy American” but imports its “tablet kiosk” enclosures from Asia. That’s just wrong. And it makes it hard for customers to make an informed decision.

Every enclosure we sell is made by us in our factory. Is it cheaper/easier for us buy offshore and just resell someone else’s box? Maybe. Is it better? No. Absolutely no. Here’s why –

Buying American is good for our customers :

• Better consistency. Overseas manufacturers are notorious for building a great prototype to get the order, then delivering a poor quality production run – substituting lesser materials, shoddy workmanship, and poor if any inspection of goods prior to shipment.

• Better lead times. It takes a few days to send one of our kiosks anywhere in the U.S. from our Midwest plant. It takes weeks or months on a cargo ship to transport from the other side of the world.

• Better support. We service what we build. Servicing an inconsistent product built by someone else doesn’t end well for anyone.

• Better for America is better for you. The strength of America is based on a robust economy. Buying goods made in America supports American businesses and workers – which means those employees have money to spend, further fueling the economy. And so on, and so on…

• Better juju. That’s right, we said it. As a customer, it matters where you spend your money because doing good and making good decisions matters. When you buy from an honest, hardworking company that provides you with good product, you’re doing good. For your business, for our business. And doing good is a good business decision.

So next time you meet with a prospective kiosk provider, ask them where your kiosk or tablet enclosure is really being made. You might be surprised.