By Connected Technology Solutions

July 4, 2023

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Why is Made in America Important?

Made in America isn’t just a sticker.

Some kiosk manufacturers based in the U.S. do their production here on U.S. soil but import their kiosk and tablet enclosures from overseas. Other U.S.-based kiosk companies have everything manufactured overseas.

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This is deceptive and bad for the U.S. economy.

Some of these kiosk manufacturers attempt to conceal such facts by making it difficult for their website visitors to determine where their kiosks and enclosures are manufactured. One major kiosk manufacturer, in particular, dedicates an entire page on its website to the importance of “Buying American,” yet they import their kiosk enclosures from Asia. They are misleading and deceiving their customers, engaging in unethical marketing.

These types of kiosk companies give the industry a bad rap, as is the case for any and all manufacturers that boast “Made in America” as their parts are floating in from the Pacific Ocean.

At Connected Technology Solutions, every enclosure we sell is manufactured in our Menomonee Falls, WI facility.

Would it be easier and cheaper for us to buy offshore and just resell someone else’s box? Probably. Would it be a better kiosk? Absolutely not.

Here’s why CTS’s American-made customized kiosks are superior to anything manufactured in or imported from overseas:

  • Premium quality. Overseas manufacturers are notorious for building great prototypes to get the order, then following up with poor quality production runs – compromising the quality of materials, shoddy workmanship, and poor, if any, inspection of goods prior to shipment. You indeed get what you pay for. At Connected Technology Solutions, quality in everything we do is one of our leading brand attributes. It’s the reason we proclaim that we build the best damn kiosks. Period.
  • Shorter lead times. Much shorter. When buying from overseas, an order can take weeks or even months to arrive on a cargo ship from the other side of the world. Compare this to only a few days for us to deliver our kiosks anywhere in the U.S. from our Midwest plant. 
  • Premium support. At CTS, we service and provide over-the-top support for what we sell. Servicing low-quality products built overseas can be challenging and sometimes impossible based on the unit’s design and construction.  
  • Made in America is better for America and better for our customers. The strength of America is based on a robust economy. Buying American-made goods support American businesses and workers – which means those employees have money to spend to further fuel the U.S. economy.

So next time you meet or speak with a kiosk manufacturer, ask them where their kiosks and tablet enclosures are built. It’s the only way to really know what you’re getting and where your money is going.